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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and much more.

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Ecumenical Sawdust 1/2 lb bag

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Ecumenical Sawdust 1/2 lb bag
Item no: 8141
Whittemore-Durgin item: 8141
Retail price: $3.00

Our own, personal, motivated sawdust mixture, ideally suited for stuffing your limp Teddy Bear, Raggedy Ann Doll or All-Beef Frankfurter. Also suited for cleaning after cementing a leaded glass panel. Whittemore-Durgin's sawdust is made from a secret formula handed down through many generations of tree-dwellers, and consists of a scientific blend of hardwoods, softwoods and in-between-woods, plus a few interesting things and pieces, in addition to the usual artificial flavoring, cyclamates, and undigested bits of plum pudding. (See our free pamphlet #0738 CEMENTING A STAINED GLASS WINDOW.) We have had so many requests for Ecumenical Sawdust from the Shop Groupies that we have prudently put it up into plain, unmarked paper bags in which we can ship it to you for your own private use.

Sold in half pound bags.