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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and much more.

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Sheet Music

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Sheet Music
Item no: 2599
item: 2599
Retail price: $1.75
3 or more $1.33 (24% discount)
10 or more $1.50 (14% discount)
In stock:  94 
Pre-1935 vintage original sheet music just like mother used to play on her ukulele. These are well-used copies mostly repaired at the edges with tape. They have illustrated covers. They are wonderfully suited for Decoupage work. (Decoupage work is that fascinating pastime in which you glue things to an old board which you previously have beaten with a chain, scratched and gouged with an ice-pick or knife, burned with a torch, and psychologically rejected by refusing to allow its friends to come into the house).

Plaques made by Decoupaging sheet music are interesting decoration for dens, playrooms, baptisteries, and lesser saloons. Our stock of sheet music is completely disorganized, but includes many unbelievable title pages that rhyme "Moon" with "June" and "Gal" with "Pal". Sheet music can be laminated for use as place mats or merely used as an interesting wall hanging or display.