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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and much more.

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How We Pack Lead Came

How We Pack Lead Came Packing of full cases and mini-cases:

WITH PARDONABLE PRIDE, we assert that our came is far superior to any ever produced. Our elves' unique packing methods account for much of the difference.

1. EACH BOX IS COMPLETELY LINED WITH POLYETHYLENE so that moisture cannot migrate from the wooden box onto the surface of the lead to tarnish it. If you tape the liner shut each time some of the cames are removed, the lead is indefinitely protected against tarnishing.

2. FULL CASES OF LEAD CAME ARE PACKED IN STRAIGHT, UNTWISTED, NEAT EVEN ROWS. This saves you unnecessary time and effort usually spent in straightening, "stretching" and opening up the grooves which has been quite common with lead produced by old-fashioned methods. To pack with such care requires the full efforts of two medium-sized elves.

3. EACH LAYER OF LEAD IS INTERLEAVED with special paper which will not absorb moisture. This paper prevents the layers of lead from becoming mutually entangled.

4. FULL CASES OF LEAD ARE PACKED in WOODEN cases to prevent damage by the carrier. The cases are strapped with steel bands to prevent bursting.

Packing of loose lengths of lead came:

OUR LEAD CAMES COVER A WIDE VARIETY OF SHAPES AND SIZES, and because of this they require a variety of packing treatment. On small orders of the smaller cames we usually coil the lead and include it in a box with the rest of the order. On larger quantities of the smaller cames we will fold the lead once lengthwise and pack it in a special long box. This treatment is also given smaller orders of heavy cames.

At your request, we will pack and ship the lead uncoiled and unbent, in a special container to accommodate the entire 6-foot length. We will select either a cardboard tube or a wooden box, depending on the overall volume and weight of the lead being ordered. Our wooden boxes can accommodate up to 100 lbs of lead.