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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and much more.

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Morton Glass Grinder Accessories

Morton Mr. Splash (GA02)
Morton Mr. Splash (GA02)
Item no: 8022
Morton Glass Works item: GA02
Retail price: $17.28 /each
In stock:  3  (units: each)
Expected soon:24(units: each)
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With a Morton Mini or Maxi Surface under your grinder, and Mr. Splash surrounding it, you have a grinder station that will not only keep the splashes off the wallpaper, but also off the Axminster. The water is shed from the vinyl surface of Mr. Splash, and is trapped in the pockets of the Morton Surface, so that your work table is kept dry, and thus nothing can run down the table leg onto that priceless oriental rug. 21" wide, 8" deep and 11.25" high.
Morton Safety Splash (GA03)
Morton Safety Splash (GA03)
Item no: 8094
Morton Glass Works item: GA03
Retail price: $7.44 /each
In stock:  2  (units: each)
Expected soon:10(units: each)
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This device keeps the bits of glass and soggy pattern paper from flying up and hitting you in the face. Two plastic clips attach the 8" x 8" polycarbonate eye shield to your Mr. Splash (sold separately). Polycarbonate is very strong and very clear plastic.
Morton Grinder Tongs (GA04)
Morton Grinder Tongs (GA04)
Item no: 6776
Morton Glass Works item: GA04
Retail price: $11.47 /each
In stock:  1  (units: each)
Expected soon:20(units: each)
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This little gadget will save your finger nails and make grinding small pieces easier.
Nick's Grinder's Mate by Aanraku
Nick's Grinder's Mate by Aanraku
Item no: 6777
Aanraku Glass Studios item: NGM
Retail price: $19.85 /each
3 or more $17.87 (10% discount)
6 or more $15.88 (20% discount)
In stock:  12  (units: each)
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As much as you love working with glass, sometimes glass grinding can get a bit tedious, amiright? This little grinding tool will change that for good. It features a sturdy spring-loaded hinge and rubber jaws to grip the glass firmly. The open space between the handles gives your hand plenty of room for flexibility to support the glass as you see fit. Its wide base keeps the glass at right angles to the grinder head. All these features help protect your finger tips, and improve grinding accuracy and speed. You'll wonder why you waited so long to buy yourself this valuable tool.

Mrs. Bridget Gonsalves
Mrs. Bridget Gonsalves

of Saratoga, Nevada writes to say "The ladies of my bridge club, of which I am president, have commented positively about the condition of my fingernails since I purchased one of your #6776 Grinder Tongs. They no longer look the other way when it is my turn to cut the cards."