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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and much more.

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Glass FUSING stuff

We are pleased to introduce to you a smattering -- nay, more than just a smattering -- of fusing-related items. We have assembled a collection of materials, tools, supplies and instruction to get you started with making small items in small kilns. With the items presented here, you can easily create jewelry, fridge magnets, and other items of that ilk.

While you tinker away, we will be busy shopping for bigger and better  materials. You may look forward to creating larger items in due time, such as trivets, serving plates, and inexplicable wall hangings. 

Fusing Accessory Glass

Frit, noodles, stringers, and the like.

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Fuseworks Beginner's Fusing Kit
Fuseworks Beginner's Fusing Kit
Item no: 8481
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This kit is an inspiring collection of fusing accessories specially designed to allow you to create beautiful and unique fused glass projects right in your microwave oven. Really! We've done it ourselves and lived to tell about it!

The kiln's outer measurements are 3 1/4" H x 4 1/2" D, with an interior fusing platform of 2 3/4 ". At this size, you can see that you will be creating items smaller than about 2 inches, which is perfect for making pendants, bracelets, earrings and home décor. Create stunning glass items in a matter of minutes by simply layering glass and various embellishments, and fusing them all together in a microwave.

The kit contains 11 essentials tools and accessories, including 90 COE glass, to start fusing right out of the box. The microwave kiln also works great with kiln fired glass paints and Precious Metal Clay (PMC). 


  • Fuseworks™ Microwave Kiln
  • Kiln paper - 2 pc.
  • 90 COE Fusing Glass - 7 pc.
  • Dichroic bits and pieces
  • Milliefiori glass 1 oz.
  • Confetti glass 1 oz.
  • Large & small silver and gold bails - 1 ea.
  • Glass cutter
  • Hot mitts
  • Silver & gold earring set - 1 ea.
  • Instructions

Add words or pictures to your fused item, using these decals and transfer paper.

Fuse Art Decals are high-fire decals especially designed to work with the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln.

Apply water-slide decals to the glass and fire in the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln to permanently fuse decal onto the glass surface.

Fuseworks decals may be used in electric or in microwave kilns. The schedule for the microwave kiln in listed on the packaging. The schedule noted below is only a point of reference for the decals in an electric kiln. Users will need to adjust temps and timing, based on their kilns.

Fusing Schedule for Electric Kilns (general guide)
1.  750 F per hour to 800 F – Hold 1 minute
2.  As fast as possible to 1350 F – Hold 15 minutes
3.  As fast as possible to to 1000 F – to room temp.


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