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Whittemore-Durgin Stained Glass Supplies
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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and so much more.
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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and much more.

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Ear stuff

French Ear Wire
French Ear Wire
Item no: 7119
Retail price: $0.24 /each
6 or more $0.212 (10% discount)
12 or more $0.189 (20% discount)
In stock:  132  (units: each)
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This may be called a French ear wire because of the possibility that it first became popular in France. You can probably think of some other funny explanation, which of course is your privilege. It is made of surgical stainless steel, which certainly seems like the safe way to go. These are about one inch long. Price is for one, not a pair.
Plain Drop Earring
Plain Drop Earring
Item no: 7120
item: 11678 SG
Retail price: $0.10 /each
12 or more $0.09 (10% discount)
144 or more $0.06 (40% discount)
In stock:  149  (units: each)
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Made of surgical stainless steel, the wire in this one is .022, a fine gauge wich is the easiest to insert. Silver colored. Price each.
Ear Post and Flat Pad
Ear Post and Flat Pad
Item no: 7133
Retail price: $0.31
12 or more $0.26 (16% discount)
144 or more $0.20 (35% discount)
In stock:  580 
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All parts of this device are made of surgical stainless steel. The pad has a slightly raised edge, which helps control any glue or cement you may choose to use.
Earring Blank
Earring Blank
Item no: 7130
Retail price: $1.00
In stock:  131 
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Surprise your roommate, landlady, Priest or Parole Officer with Whittemore-Durgin's Earring Blank! With a dab of our clear cement from the Chemicals section of our website (or you might use the kind that Junior has been sniffing) you can affix many intriguing relics to this Blank, thereby causing a wide range of reactions among your Peer Group --from consternation, through various stages of vociferation, mild expostulation, up to and including the enshrining of your name into the folklore and legend of many future generations of pot-heads, Psychology Majors, and other beautiful people the world over.

For openers, our 7/8" Glass Doll's Eyes (see "Miasmic Diddle") will suffice. These may be cemented onto the socket of the earring so that they can seem to be peering in almost any desired direction, thereby fending off evil spirits and over-friendly subway riders. Again, you might use them do display the gall-stones or kidney stones of That Certain Person. You could well consider affixing a couple of 8-year molars, used bicuspids, or other trophies of fallen comrades.

Mrs. Olaf Viscous of Far Rockaway, ND, writes to tell us of a distressing personal problem she has solved by the use of our Ear Ring Blanks. "I used to be bothered with moths in my ears. I cemented a moth ball in each of a pair of your #7130 Earring Blanks, and wore them for only a few days before the problem subsided. Here is my order for six more pairs for the ladies in my bird watching club who are similarly afflicted."

$1.00 per pair