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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and so much more.
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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and much more.

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Brass Castings

These are all solid brass castings. Combine them with some glass, copper foil, bits of wire and your imagination, and you'll have something to sneeze at (if that's your idea of a good time). The illustrations are mere suggestions of what you can create. All you get is the brass casting, unless otherwise noted.

Brass Dimetrodon
Brass Dimetrodon
Item no: 5294
item: 5294
Retail price: $11.20
6 or more $9.50 (15% discount)
24 or more $8.55 (24% discount)
In stock:  23 
Available while supplies last.
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Brass casting only. This is a 7" long solid brass version of one of a genus of North American synapsid reptiles which we all know lived during the Lower Permian period. As you will undoubtedly recall, these were terrestrial carnivores of moderate size distinguished by a curious crest or dorsal sail supported by greatly elongated neural spines of the vertebrae.

We can create our own versions of this charming but extinct beast by designing our own stained glass crests for him (or her). We will include a pattern for the one shown in the illustration (which does not have the elongated neural spines) free of charge with your purchase. Our version has been darkened with a chemical patina.
Brass Dinghy Ashtray
Brass Dinghy Ashtray
Item no: 5293
item: 5293
Retail price: $5.95
6 or more $5.13 (14% discount)
24 or more $4.61 (23% discount)
In stock:  0 
No longer available.
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Brass casting only. This solid brass vessel awaits your inventiveness in designing and installing a sail of stained glass, slightly skewed to leeward, so as not to interfere with the trough at the stern which acts as the rest for your favorite cigar, cigarette or cheroot. With each dinghy you order, we will include a 12" brass tube which fits into the hole for the mast amidships, and which you can cut into 4" pieces to make three changes of sails: One for weekdays, one for Sundays, and one for ceremonial occasions. The open body of this 5-1/2" boat can be used for other things too. A jelly bean dish, a cactus planter, a paper clip tray.....one could go on and on...
Brass Stems and Leaves
Brass Stems and Leaves
These brass items make it possible for you to create countless varieties of stained glass flowers for use as decorations in planters, vases, puddings and the like. The small channel at the top of the 7-1/2" stem is made to accept the edge of a foiled piece of glass, which can be readily soldered into it.
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