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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and so much more.
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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and much more.

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96 COE Accessory Glass

Fusible glass frit, stringers, noodles, etc., that have a coefficient of expansion (COE) of 96 (including Uroboros and Spectrum System 96 glass).

Uroboros System 96 Frit
Uroboros System 96 Frit

Glass frit is crushed glass. In fusing, it refers to crushed fusible glass, and can be used to add texture, color, and unique effects to your fused glass project.

Uroboros System 96  Frit frit comes in many colors and five sizes, from powdery to very coarse. We currently offer two of these sizes:
F2 Fine (.25mm to .75mm)
F3 Medium (.75mm to 2.5mm)

We have several different colors of each size for you to choose from. Surely you can use them to create something wonderful.

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Uroboros System 96 Noodles and Stringers
Uroboros System 96 Noodles and Stringers

There are some incredible works of art being made today using glass fusing techniques. Fusing might seem new to some, but there is evidence of ancient Egyptians and Romans fusing it up from time to time.

We at Whittemore-Durgin have expanded our glass fusing line to include Noodles and Stringers in many different colors. 

Noodles and Stringers are used to add different design elements to your work. They can be bent easily by holding them over a flame such as a candle, and they can be cut to any length you desire. 

Noodles are shaped like fettuccini and come in a 5 oz. tube.  They are approximately 17-1/2" (43cm) long, and there are approx. 20-30 Noodles per package.

Stringers are shaped like spaghetti and they also come in a 5 oz. tube.  They are approximately 17-1/2" (43cm) long as well, and there are approx. 90-110 Stringers per package.

We are very pleased to offer you these new products -- have fun!

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