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Stained glass supplies, art and architectural glass, and much more.

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Foil Working Tools

Pattern Shears for Foil
Pattern Shears for Foil
Item no: 6793
Aanraku Glass Studios item: TSF
Retail price: $9.88 /each
6 or more $8.89 (10% discount)
12 or more $7.90 (20% discount)
In stock:  28  (units: each)
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This version of the double-bladed stencil shears removes a strip of paper approximately 1/32" wide from the pattern, which is all the allowance that is needed when cutting stencils for copper foil work. These nifty inventions improve upon the old method, which was to tape two single-edge razor blades together and run it along the the pattern line, all the while trying not to cut yourself, nor destroy your tabletop. Ah, the conveniences of modern life! Stainless steel blades. Imported.

Copper Foil Dispenser
Copper Foil Dispenser
Item no: 6941
Retail price: $21.45 /each
3 or more $19.31 (10% discount)
6 or more $17.16 (20% discount)
In stock:  12  (units: each)
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Tough plastic accessory which can hold 7 different widths or flavors of copper foil, and dispense them discreetly through unobtrusive slots in the undercarriage. The larger slots can be used to hold scissors, trim knife, lathkin or chewing gum.
KWC Table Foiler
KWC Table Foiler
Item no: 7249
KWC item: 24051
Retail price: $77.83
In stock:  0 
Currently out of stock; order will have 7-10 day delay.
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New! Many stained glass crafters find wrapping glass in copper foil tedious and difficult. For this reason, we researched the various copper foilers that are out there, and this one came out on top, by a mile. While it is not appropriate for very small pieces of glass, it can save a lot of time and Bandaids for most foiling jobs. People who buy it rave about it.
Burnishers, Crimpers and Fids, Oh My!

As you assemble your stained glass project, whether you are using copper foil or lead, you will need to bend, nudge and flatten your metal around the glass, here and there. That's where burnishers, crimpers and fids (oh my!) come in.

Plastic Burnisher/Lead Opener/Fid
Plastic Burnisher/Lead Opener/Fid
Item no: 6822
Retail price: $3.30
In stock:  9 
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A multi-talented tool which combines the function of a fid, for opening lead, but also can be used for smoothing down copper foil, running putty, removing excess putty, lifting lead came for repair work, and removing orange pips.

Hardwood Fid
Hardwood Fid
Item no: 6750
item: 6750
Retail price: $1.98
In stock:  396 
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Used by sailors to assist in the twisting and splicing of rigging lines, a fid is also used by some stained glass artists to open lead channels, burnish copper foil, scratch backs, and perform endless other tasks that would probably never even have occured to us had we not heard it with our own ears. Sometimes you just need a fid. There are many folk who prefer the newfangled plastic lead openers, but we'll keep these around for you Luddites out there. Not for the fid-challenged.
Kwik-crimp Foil Crimper
Kwik-crimp Foil Crimper
Item no: 6799
Heovel Manufacturing
Retail price: $11.58
In stock:  12 
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A time-saving hand tool for anyone who uses copper foil. Crimps and seals foil to the glass in one quick stroke. Works on inside and outside curves as well as straight edges.

Plastic Burnisher
Plastic Burnisher
Item no: 68225
item: 2553
Retail price: $2.75
In stock:  4 
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In order for copper foil to stay put and look good, you need to burnish it well. If you are one of those folks who don't use a burnishing tool of any kind, you probably have the little cuts on your fingertips and scratches on your fingernails to prove it. This handy nylon burnisher will work much better. You're welcome.