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Square Lamps (Spatz)

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Square Lamps (Spatz)
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Item no: 3323
Cliffside Studios
Retail price: $11.45
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This is an ideal lampshade pattern book for anyone who wants to make a lampshade but feels intimidated by those prodigious 300-piece monsters (beautiful monsters though they may be). This book contains 18 patterns which, if used as is, would make lampshades 10" square; however, for some reason the author instructs us to enlarge the pattern 120%, 140% or 160% to make lamps 12", 14" or 16" square, respectively. Is 10" simply too small for a lampshade? We report, you decide.

Patterns include 8 flower designs (rose, tulip, iris, pansy, waterlily, magnolia, day lily, and poinsettia), 3 landscapes (southwest, mountains, lighthouse), a patriotic design (star and stripes), 2 bird scenes (chickadee/cardinal and hummingbirds), a sunrise, a Victorian design, an art nouveau design, and a dragonfly. Most of the lamp designs are a single panel repeated four times. The birds and the landscapes are made up of two pairs of complementary panels which, when viewed together, make a single scene. Some instructions are provided, including how to enlarge the pattern and what underpinnings to use. 24 pages. Cliffside Studio.